Rumunia 2013 nasza szkoła w Craiova

My name is Ana-Maria Oancea. Iím the manager of the high school for deaf students from Craiova, Romania. Our school prepares the students to be able to work in different domains of activities.
In our high school we have a only one class/ specialized on natural science. The technological high school prepares students for the mechanical domain and for tailor domain.
Our post-high school prepares studentsí four a job-recovery teacher.
It is very important for our school to win European projects, in which our students can prepare themselves, to higher standards for the job that they will have in the future.
For example, this year a hole class, practiced a practical session in a special workshop in Italy where they have learned a lot of new things which they share with us when they returned to school.
We are waiting for each and every one of you, with pleasure, to our school in every September. We are waiting for you with a beautiful and a clean school.
The most important thing is that, during the holidays the teachers are participating to a course where they are learning LMGR. This course is very important for the deaf society in Romania. This project is coordinated by the B.B. University from Cluj-Napoca. This is the first time in Romania, when we are doing researches in this domain, the sign language domain, LMGR.
Another important thing is that the entire deaf society, teachers from deaf schools, they all will use a specified language, one that will be the same for everyone. For this we should thank the B.B. University from Cluj- Napoca Romania and the Interpreter Association form Romania.
The most important event that is going to take place in our school in this holiday is the project that I say to you about.
We are all agreeing that learning the same language for the deaf community in Romania, we are making the first step for solving the deaf people problems.
The deaf persons have high hopes regarding the communication with the helpers. So that they are hopeing that LMGR will become the official language of deaf people.
The Law number 448 shows that in every institution (city hall, judge court, DGASPC) should be a LMG interpreter that could help the deaf persons to solve their problems. The deaf society expects that the government to show that the law is important and it should be respected. The deaf people need interpreters in each and every institution.
There are only a few authorized interpreters in Romania, about 20, but we need a bigger number to help the deaf society.
The deaf society has higher expectations, especially regarding projects, from different groups. For example it is very important that in this project, in which they are learning the LMGR language, the formators are deaf persons, native speakers. So we can say that the hearing persons learn form the deaf persons LMGR signs, a thing that is very important for communicating and helping the deaf society when they need too.;
We know that this is an important step for integration, for finding a place to work and also for having a family.
The TV-DEAF project is very important for the deaf society from Craiova and for the Dolj county because the deaf society could watch different movies made especially for then, they also could find out what is happening in the society and how the society evolves.
The project was published on Facebook, on different posters, through different movies and the deaf society is sustaining that this is one of the most important projects that made them feel special and real important.
Thank you!